The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • undertaking any art (usually music or the fine arts) except for martial: such activities lead a person to emotional experiences and is a key to the spiritual level.
  • practicing martial arts: the fight is merely a secondary aspect; it depends mainly on the ability to internalize since from the perspective of the unconscious only inner strength offers the chance for victory.
  • cave art (cave drawings): part of a ritual and a gateway to higher states of consciousness since these practices can make use of ritual sexual intercourse; phosphenic forms*17 are a kind of cave ritual art (see Apocalypse archetype).
  • painting: see Painting.
  • admiration for art: a path toward an expression of the inner content of one's psyche; a path toward a fuller emotional and later even spiritual life.
  • a picture of an artistic nude: seeking an image of instinctual anima (see Anima – Animus archetype), or desire to free the female part of the soul from the imposing personality (ego).
  • an artistic depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: see Calvary.
  • beautiful artistic porcelain: symbolizes the most beautiful human relations.
  • artistic depiction of wings, seeing the shape of wings in other objects: the longing for freedom and the liberation of the mind.
  • artwork: sometimes expresses the dreamer's soul, his Self.